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How it Works

Welcome to YOMA, You Only More Awesome where we turn your personal photographs into digital art!

What we do

Photo Retouching

YOMA’s award-winning photo restoration artists can bring your old or damaged photographs back to life – like magic, right before your eyes! Precious photos you thought were lost forever can be fully restored to their former glory, bringing the people and memories that mean so much to you back to life! We can remove cracks and creases, repair sun and water damage, get rid of scratches and dust, repair torn corners and rips, and turn black and white into colour! Our wonderfully talented artists can even hand-recreate portions of a photograph that have been completely destroyed so that the picture – and the people in it – are whole again.


YOMA’s award-winning restoration artists can bring your old or damaged photographs back to life. We can remove cracks and creases, repair sun and water damage, remove scratches and dust, repair torn corners and rips, and colourize black and white photos.

Personalized Digital Art

While we at YOMA love restoring and retouching your personal photographs, what gets us really, really excited is creating unique pieces of personalized digital art just for you! This is where our artists really get to shine and show off their stuff – if you can dream it, we can create it! Our artists work from photographs of you (or your children or your sweetie, or your pets, or your house or your boat!) and transform them into something truly beautiful, a piece of art, personalized just for you. We can place you in a magical or fantasy background, turn your photographs into paintings, drawings, cartoons, or use your pictures as a reference for creating something entirely new – like transforming your child into Spiderman scaling a wall, or your pup hitching a ride on Noah's Ark! In fact, there isn’t much that we can’t do! You can come up with your own idea and work with the artist of your choice to create it (see Special Commissions below), or you can choose from one of the many existing pieces of art in our galleries and have the artist who created it personalize the same image just for you. Our artists are continually updating their portfolios with new creations for you to choose from so come back and check us out often!

Special Commissions

Have your own idea? Pick your favourite artist and we’ll make it to order! If you can dream it up, we can do it! Talk to us – let us know what you want. :) If you don't have a specific artist in mind, leave it up to us and we'll assign the best person for the job – let's have some fun!

Gift Certificates

YOMA offers Gift Certificates that are available in any amount and can be printed or emailed to your friends and family. A unique gift, they're perfect for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and weddings. Even better, they never expire and don’t have to be used all at once!

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