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  • Kriss


    Kriss is a young Venezuelan artist who wants to share his world of magical dreamscapes and fantasy digital art with you. He loves photography and has a great eye for atmosphere and composition. Still a student, he's fond of the arts and hates math, and can be found studying modern languages at the university when he's not spending too much time on Facebook.

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  • Ivana


    Ivana is a wonderfully talented digital artist from Serbia who can create magic and illusion with just her computer and a cup of coffee. If you can dream it up, Ivana can make it for you! All you have to do is ask. She is also a professional photographer and designer but still finds time to cook, dance, sing, and shoot a mean game of pool.

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  • Steve


    Steve is a professional photo retoucher from Vietnam who is very dedicated to his many international clients and puts at least 100% effort into his work. With the energy he has left over, Steve loves to create digital art for children, as well as designs with pop culture and contemporary themes. He also cooks, draws, travels, and paints and always looks very stylish doing it.

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  • Florin


    Florin is an award-winning restoration artist from Romania who has been working in the retouching industry since 1997. He can process work up to 50x60 cm and is well known for his excellence. When he is not making old or damaged photographs beautiful again, Florin can be found teaching cello at a local music school, or playing with his sweet little grandkids.

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  • Aura


    Aura is a professional photo retoucher from New York. She specializes in beauty, creative make up and fantasy effects and has a great sense of humor. Her portfolio is diverse and reflects a wide range of interests and influences. When she's not working, she loves to spend time with her family who are always giggling and pulling pranks on each other.

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  • Nanaris


    Nanaris is an award-winning digital artist from Greece who loves to create imaginary worlds with Photoshop. For the last six years, she has worked in image editing, fine art prints, typography, and high end retouching. When she is not working, Nanaris loves to play with her dog, Ladi, or hang out with friends. Her favorite quote is "Life isn't long enough for love and art."

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  • Raju


    Raju is a professional photo restoration artist from India. who also works as a freelance designer. He has worked for a variety of clients in many different industries including media, entertainment, education, and theater. He has played a diverse role in working across a wide range of projects, from traditional photo restoration and retouching, to graphic design and branding.

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  • Riel


    Riel is a young photo-manipulation artist from Russia currently living in New Zealand. She likes creating magical fantasy and eerie art. If you want to become a fairy, mermaid, angel, demon or zombie, she is more than eager to help. When not completely consumed by Photoshop, Riel dances salsa, meets new people, and seeks inspiration in local parks, cafes and streets.

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